• Illegal Charter Can
    Create Significant Liability

    Allowing your aircraft to be used in an illegal charter operation
    could result in termination of your aircraft insurance;
    risk of your good reputation; and, in some cases,
    possible aircraft seizure.

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  • Illegal Charter Poses
    Risks to Safety

    An illegal charter operator may not meet the higher standards
    for pilot training, maintenance requirements and defined operational
    control of a certificated Part 135 air charter operator.

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  • Illegal Charter Undermines
    Competition and Industry Reputation

    Illegal charter operations distort the market for legitimate air charter
    operators by evading the high costs of legal air charter operations,
    including proper training and insurance. Further, accidents, incidents,
    and major enforcement scenarios often lead to negative media coverage,
    impacting the entire air charter industry.

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Welcome to Fly Smarter: Avoid Illegal Charter

The National Air Transportation Association’s (NATA) Air Charter Committee manages an initiative to combat illegal charter, a growing concern among members and industry. Illegal air charter is a serious threat to legitimate charter certificate holders that is often difficult to identify due to the use of deceptive and convoluted agreements that ultimately put unwitting customers in danger. NATA's initiative to combat illegal charter is overseen by a sub-committee of its Air Charter Committee called the NATA Illegal Charter Task Force.

NATA's Illegal Charter Task Force seeks to:

  • Partner with the FAA to provide guidance on identifying, and steps to avoiding, illegal operations
  • Work with the IRS to understand and educate industry on the tax consequences of illegal charter operations
  • Educate Congress on the dangers of illegal charter, and seek to better equip the FAA in combating this real safety issue
  • Educate the public through campaigns and resources, including publications like "Chartering an Aircraft, A Consumer Guide" and "Risks of Illegal Charter"
  • Assist the FAA in enforcement through data collection and reporting
  • Leverage existing FAA data sources to help the FAA focus enforcement efforts
  • Help the legitimate charter industry provide the FAA with illegal charter reports that provide more actionable data